In the past few years, local entrepreneur Daluxolo Ngendane has created a powerful company that has formed collaborations with world manufacturers and service providers in energy, mining, construction and other industrial industries.

Tell us about your company

Ntulikazi Trading was founded in 2012 by Daluxolo Ngendane, a South African entrepreneur with a significant number of years of experience in the power generation industry. He was later joined by Patience Malakoana, a Masters graduate with a passion for talent management who has vast knowledge in the banking and telecommunications industry. They have spent a significant amount of time developing strategic partnerships with manufacturers and service providers of world-class technologies that already have well-established systems, experience and sophisticated machinery. This strategic partnership allows them to provide their customers with the most appropriate turnkey solutions, incorporating technology choice, equipment supply and services in the energy, mining, construction, petroleum, oil and gas industries. Currently, Ntulikazi Trading comprises over 150 mechanical fitters, 100 boilermakers, 50 A and B class welders, electricians, builders and other specialists, who all have extensive experience in power stations and the steel, petroleum, oil and gas industries. Their area of expertise lies within conveyor systems, precipitators, bag filters, milling plants, low and high pressure pipe work (including AWR lines, water and gas lines), fabrication of steel structures, scaffolding and insulation, plus boiler and turbine auxiliaries such as valves, pumps and so on. The company also works in various power stations to provide plumbing, electrical, building, fabrication, refurbishment of offices and  containers, cable jointing, roofing, machining of various spares, waste removal, transportation, plant hire and more.

What are the most important decisions you have had to make?

To continuously learn how to make best use of our own limited resources while ensuring that there is no room for poor use of resources.

What challenges have you faced?

We spend most of our time making Ntulikazi Trading known in the South African and African marketspace. This involves networking where there are business opportunities, identifying the most important gaps and tapping into these gaps within the domestic, commercial and industrial environments while advancing in providing management, installation and maintenance services. All of this is to help us grow a profitable and sustainable business.

Best business lesson you have learnt?

Long-term relationships that are built on integrity and sincerity increase productivity, systems knowledge, safety and quality, reduce downtime, costs and further present and future job offers and business opportunities. What characteristics should leaders possess? Leaders need to understand that every organisation is part of a bigger system. They are complex compositions of many interconnected systems that need to work together.

Words of wisdom?

It is never too late to become who you were meant to be. You have to find what you love in order to produce results. We are normally told how complicated life is and that we are not smart or talented enough to pursue our dreams. If we are allowed to dream to our full potential, these dreams can become reality. Hopefully there will come a time when we learn to have faith in our  abilities and make our dreams a reality. Ntulikazi Trading is currently working to set up its first children’s home as we strongly believe that as much as we need to be exposed to business  opportunities, we have the responsibility to expose and give hope to those in need, so that they can grow to add a positive value to the economy. Any individual or organisation that wants to be part of this process is welcomed with open arms, as we believe that it takes a nation to raise a child.